TankZilla is an asymmetric sci-fi wargame, where you have to defend your outpost against the AI controlled megatank "TankZilla".

Arrow keys
Z / [O] | X / [X]

The red AI and blue player take turns controlling their units in a few phases; first there is a move phase followed by an attack phase, and some units get a secondary move phase. After this the other player goes.

TankZilla (the red megatank) wins if it destroys your outpost and then escapes southward. The blue defence force that you control can win by destroying the TankZilla unit.

Your (blue) defense units:
HOVR - Hover tank. Movement 4. Attack 3. Range 2. Defense 2. Gets a secondary movement of 3.
HVY - Heavy tank. Movement 3. Attack 4. Range 2. Defense 2.
MSL - Missile tank. Movement 2. Attack 3. Range 3. Defense 2.
ARTY - Immobile artillery. Movement 0. Attack 6. Range 8. Defense 1.
INF1-3 - One, two and three squads of infantry. Movement 2. Attack 1-3. Range 1. Defense 1-3. Can cross mountain ridges
OUTPOST - Outpost. Movement 0. Defense 0. Your main objective to defend.

TankZilla MK3
1x Primary weapon. Attack 4. Range 3. Defense 4.
4x Secondary weapons. Attack 3. Range 2. Defense 3.
2x Missiles. Attack 6. Range 5. Defense 3. Each missile can only be used once.
8x Anti-Personnel weapons. Attack 1. Range 1. Defense 1. Can only hit infantry and outpost.
45 Units of treads. Movement 3. For every 15 treads lost, your movement is reduced by 1.


GFX / Sprites by @ScrubSandwich

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